ECEF is synonymous with cutting tools made of steel, for metal industry, ironmongers, industrial suppliers, as well as building hardware.

Between the first and the second World War, the ECEF catalogue was a benchmark for all professional users. Year after year, the quality of the products we offered, the high level of services to our customers and the capability to satisfy the variable needs of the rapidly globalizing market with continuos improvements brought us to the appreciation from the domestic market and abroad.

In 1998 a larger factory located in Peschiera Borromeo was opened to replace our previous structure. A sales force of 30 agents supervised by area managers distribute ECEF products all over Italy. Our export department and a network of local agents is responsible for the distribution in North and South America, several European countries, particularly France and Germany, then from Russia to Nigeria, from Singapore to Australia and South Africa.

When we entered our activity nobody could imagine to reach today’s levels of success. Our long experience, constant dedication, and innovative capability,traced the road to our today’s results, always keeping in mind the target of an advanced technology and full quality satisfaction, through careful controls from production to distribution. Best quality means utmost efficiency and complete security when tools are utilised. This is the goal always achieved by ECEF. Recently, the demand of specialised tools for professional users, working on sophisticated harder and harder, materials or with tough coatings, has been growing together with our offers of products that guarantee top reliability and highest degrees of appreciation.

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