To be able to buy on ECEF it’s necessary to register. The procedure is very simple.
If you are already our customer, but you have never made an order online, please contact us at specifying the email address needed for the creation of the first login password. The website uses the address in our database as email for the password recovery; therefore, it’s possible that it’s not the one you usually use.

If you are not our customer yet, but you’d like to be one, click on the button REGISTER in the column of the new user. At this point, simply fill the form with the requested data. Before you can access the sales site, we’ll have to check your VAT number and registration to the chamber of commerce. Once you have received the verification email, you will be asked to choose a Username and a Password that you will then use to authenticate and make purchases. Moreover, we need you to enter an email address to send you the activation link of your account and your login data in case you lose or forget them. This email address is also necessary for the notification of your order status. Once you have checked the box for the acceptance of the processing of personal data according to art. 13, d. lgs. 196/2003 in relation to protection of privacy, you will have to enter the security code in the appropriate field and then complete the registration clicking on the button REGISTER. You will receive an email to the address you have provided and, following the instructions in the text, you will complete the registration procedure, your account will be active and you can start your online shopping. Remember that when you will complete an order, other data for the shipment and delivery of your order will be asked and stored to allow you more ease and speed during your next purchases. If you want to learn more about our privacy policy, click here

Password recovery

In case you have lost or forgotten the Password, click on LOGIN and then on Lost your password? Entering your email address (the same you have provided during registration), the system will send you a link to access a page where you can reset your login credentials.

Cart and wishlist

While browsing ECEF, you can store the items you are more interested in at any time. The button ORDER near any product allows you to immediately select what you want to order. Instead, if you’re exploring the in-depth information sheet of a product, you can find the WISHLIST function which compiles a list of the articles you have focused on, a sort of reminded of everything you’d like to include in future orders. Anytime you login you can see your wishlist by clicking on WISHLIST. Instead, clicking on the button CART (represented by the icon of a shopping cart) you can access the list of the added products up to that moment with the indication of the price and discount for each one, with the possibility of choosing the quantity of items you want. At this point, in order to proceed with the purchase, just click on the button GO TO CHECKOUT.

Order procedure

Once you have clicked on GO TO CHECKOUT, you will see a recap of the products added to the cart, your shipping address, your personal data and your billing address. On this page you can enter the data for digital billing and any notes about the order. Finally, you can confirm your order clicking on PLACE ORDER.


Remember that ECEF guarantees a safe connection which uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL) system. In this way, all data you have entered during order procedure will be encrypted and made illegible in case of interception.


Payment methods

Once you have logged in (login is reserved to users with a VAT number), the system will allow for the transmission of the order according to the ongoing procedures with ECEF SRL.

Payments have to be sent to ECEF SRL only, according to agreed methods. Neither rounding nor arbitrary deductions are permitted. In case of delay, the banking interests from payment deadline to the actual collection will be charged, increased by possible optional expenses.

ECEF S.r.l. retains ownership of the goods until full payment by the customer.

Any modification of terms of payment has to be authorized by us sending an email to:


Order preparation

From the moment you place an order on ECEF, the necessary time to prepare and then ship your package depends on the availability and customization of products.

If a product is no longer available in the course of order processing and you’d like to be informed about that, please make a request to our sales staff.

Products marked with the word “PROMO” are intended while stocks last, therefore we don’t guarantee their availability. Return is not possible for these items.

The delivery terms indicated by us will be maintained with the greatest possible punctuality, but they do not constitute a compulsory commitment on our part to deliver within a fixed date and a delay in delivery will not give the customer neither the right to cancel or reduce the order nor to undertake any request or action for damages. 

Contacts and timetable

Opening time

Contact us for any need, clicking here.
Or contact us at the number (+39) 02 547 5111

Our opening hours are:

Monday 8:00 AM 12:00 PM 1:00 PM 5:00 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM 12:00 PM 1:00 PM 5:00 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM 12:00 PM 1:00 PM 5:00 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM 12:00 PM 1:00 PM 5:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM 12:00 PM 1:00 PM 4:00 PM

Sales conditions

See all conditions which regulate the sale and supply of products.



These conditions regulate the sale and supply of products by ECEF to you. Placing an order, the customer accepts all sales conditions in force, except for particular agreements approved by the contractor. Orders are irrevocable by the customer, but we reserve to accept them or not, with no obligation of communication.

ECEF can modify these conditions in the future: you will be informed by a notice that will be published on our website.


Prices are intended for EX-OUR WAREHOUSE (VAT and transportation excluded) and are approximate. In any case, prices in force at the time of shipment will be valid.


Free packaging, except for specific requirements of the customer that will be invoiced at cost.


The delivery term indicated by the customer has a purely indicative value and a possible delay does not compromise the validity of the order in any case.

Technical features of products

The images displayed on this website are purely indicative. We reserve the right to modify texts, data, images and photographs at any time, with no obligation of prior notice. Information and tables shown are purely indicative. EVEN THE PARTIAL REPRODUCTION OF THIS WEBSITE IS FORBIDDEN.

Return conditions

Returns are not accepted unless previously authorized in writing by the company ECEF S.R.L. Unauthorized returns will be returned to the sender without prior notice.

Any request for return or complaint of missing or damaged goods have to be sent within 8 days to the email address specifying:
- Item code
- Number and date of purchase invoice

For faulty or damaged items, it’s also necessary to attach a photograph of the product showing the nature of the damage. In case of products sold by you for which an after-sale defect has been found, a copy the receipt and/or invoice has to be attached as well. In the absence of the above, no return can be accepted.

Complaints of any kind do not suspend the obligation to make payments according to agreed methods. In case of goods that we consider not suitable, the buyer has the right to substitution or credit of the amount. No other type of compensation will be granted.

For any dispute, the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Milan is recognized. 

Illegitimacy of terms and conditions

If for any reason part of these terms and conditions are invalid or ineffective, the validity and effectiveness of the remaining terms and conditions will be fully preserved. Any condition or clause indicated by the customer in contrast with the above-mentioned conditions, has no value.

Frequent questions

How do I browse the website?

All pages of ECEF are organized to make various navigation modes of the whole website available. In the column there’s the list of products which can be navigated by categories and subcategories. In the center of the page, different products selections and proposals will be suggested from time to time until you get to see the goal of your search. Moreover, there are some filters and suggestions chosen by ECEF for you. In the header there are the buttons to login, help page and product search field.

How do I find products?

If you’re looking for a particular product, enter the most characterizing keyword in the search field (in the header at the top) to find what you’re interested in more rapidly. Instead, if you have not in mind a particular product but you want to “look around” and see our proposals, choose to browse by type through the menu divided by product categories which is present on all pages of the site. 

How can I buy the products I’m interested in?

Each time you find a product you’re interested in click on the button ORDER. When you have chosen everything you’re going to buy, go to CART through the button at the top to check the list of added products, the total price and the details of the order. From here you can add new products or remove the ones present and then proceed to purchase clicking on the button GO TO CHECKOUT. Once you have checked the list of your selected products and your data, you can complete the order procedure clicking on PLACE ORDER.

Why can’t I add products to the cart?

This happens because your browser does not accept cookies. Cookies are pieces of data which are stored on the hard disk of the computer by the browser and allow us memorizing the items you have added to the cart. It’s therefore necessary to change the settings of your browser in order to enable cookies.

Can I send the package to an address other than mine?

Yes, during order procedure, on the page PLACE ORDER, under SELECT ADDRESS, select the option NEW ADDRESS and specify the recipient’s data. The cost of the service is included in our sales conditions which can be seen in the private area, section: download.

How long will it take to receive my order?

The time it takes to deliver your order results from this sum: order preparation time for shipping + delivery time by the carrier. The first data depends on the availability of the product, its customization and packaging. The second one is the time the carrier in use takes to actually deliver the package to your address.

Can I return goods?

See our return policy in the section "Sales conditions”.

What is the wishlist?

As a sort of reminder, the wishlist allows you to select and store everything you’d like to include in your future orders. From the in-depth information sheet of the product click the button WISHLIST to add that product to your wishlist. Instead, clicking on the button WISHLIST at the top of the page, you can access your list to check all the products added up to that moment.

How can I register?

Registration to ECEF is very simple. Just click on LOGIN at the top of the page and then on the button REGISTER in the column of the new user. At this point simply fill the form with the requested data. At the end of the procedure, the Username and Password you have chosen will allow you to authenticate to buy, handle your orders and your data.

What if I lose the password?

In case you have lost or forgotten the Password, click on LOGIN and then on Lost your password? Entering your email address (the same you have provided during registration), the system will send you a link to access a page where you can reset your login credentials.

What are cookies?

Cookies are pieces of data which are stored on the hard disk of the computer by the browser. Trough the cookies, ECEF SRL recognizes you when you visit the website and it can offer you an exclusive service (proposing your favorites, your last researches, etc.). Moreover, in operational terms, you can add products to the cart and proceed with purchase. For this reason, it’s necessary that your browser is set up to accept cookies.

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